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6 Kitchen Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your Waterloo Region Home

If you're getting your Waterloo Region home ready to sell, you will be thinking what improvements you can make to help it stand out from the crowd, both in those online listing photographs and videos and at in-person showings.

Because the kitchen is one of the most important, most used and, when buyers are touring it, notable rooms in any home, you'll want it to not only make a good first impression, but also a lasting one. That's why it's critical that your kitchen has a contemporary look and important features that will wow potential buyers.

So, if your property has outdated features or appliances that aren't performing as well as they once did, now is the time to refresh and improve your kitchen before it goes on the market.

In the eyes of a homebuyer, upgrades like smart-tech appliances, sleek fixtures, and modern cabinetry all add up to a worthwhile investment. Consider these kitchen improvements as you prepare your home for sale, to really impress buyers (and maybe even increase the final selling price)

Cabinetry That Sets the Tone for the Entire Kitchen

Even if the rest of the kitchen has been modernized, complete with new appliances and sleek countertops, the cabinets can make or break the overall impression of the space. If the cabinets appear worn out, dated, or out of place, potential buyers may not see the kitchen as modern at all.

Kitchen cabinets that are out of date might be more than just a visual hindrance; they can actually be a significant turn-off, especially now that clean, modern finishes are not just preferred but expected by potential homeowners. In an era where the aesthetic appeal of the home is often equated with its quality, outdated kitchen cabinets can drastically reduce a property's market value. When it comes to this type of kitchen improvement, however, there are a few solutions for any budget.

  1. Updating Hardware: If you are fond of the colour and style of your cabinets, then updating the hardware is a simple and cost-effective way to refresh them. This may include replacing knobs, handles, and hinges with more contemporary designs. These subtle changes can breathe new life into your kitchen without a hefty price tag.

  2. Painting or Restaining: If your cabinets are technically in good shape but need a facelift, you can dramatically improve their appearance by painting or restaining them. Choosing a trendy color or finish can make your cabinets look brand new. Be sure to carefully prepare and prime the surfaces, though, to ensure a professional and lasting finish.

  3. Refacing Cabinet Doors: Another kitchen enhancement to consider is refacing your cabinet doors. If your cabinets are in decent shape but have an outdated style, this is a terrific option. Refacing involves replacing the doors and drawer fronts with new ones, while keeping the existing cabinet structure. You'll be able to entirely transform the look and feel of your kitchen without having to tear it apart, making this a popular choice for those seeking a significant change without a significant expense.

  4. Full Replacement: If your cabinets are on the verge of falling apart or if the layout doesn't work with your renovation plans, it's time to replace them completely. While this option may be more expensive, you don't want the look and function of your kitchen cabinets to deter a buyer from making an offer. It is essential to remember that potential buyers will indeed open those cabinets, inspecting not only the aesthetics but the craftsmanship and functionality as well. New cabinets can offer a host of modern features such as soft-close drawers, custom storage solutions, and a choice of materials that meet today's sustainability standards.

Upgrade to Energy-saving and Smart-tech Appliances

One of the most crucial components of any kitchen is the appliances. Many homebuyers these days are searching for sleek appliances with smart-tech and environmentally friendly features. WiFi-enabled refrigerators and dishwashers that link to your smart home ecosystem and can be managed via voice or an app are examples.

However, these are nice to haves. What smart buyers are really looking for are appliances that won't break the bank when it comes to energy consumption. Large appliances that traditionally consume a lot of energy are among the key kitchen components that homeowners want to be environmentally friendly – both for the planet and their energy bill.

If you're replacing equipment like your refrigerator or dishwasher before putting your house on the market, go for an energy-efficient model. When looking for environmentally friendly kitchen appliances, look for the Energy Star label. These kitchen upgrades can help set your property apart from others in the neighbourhood and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Upgrade Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

While kitchen appliances often take center stage in the minds of homebuyers and homeowners alike, it's essential to recognize that many other features contribute to the overall impression of the kitchen. Elements such as lighting, plumbing fixtures, and even the kitchen sink play vital roles in the functionality and aesthetic of the space. The subtleties of these features can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen, especially if the style is outdated or the lighting is too harsh. Addressing these elements can elevate the kitchen to a modern standard, impressing potential buyers or simply refreshing the space for your enjoyment.

Lighting Makeover:

  • Replace Outdated Fixtures: If your kitchen still houses an old fluorescent overhead light, it's time to embrace the modern lighting options available today. Contemporary lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or a statement chandelier, can transform the ambience of the kitchen, making it feel warmer and more inviting.

  • Under-Cabinet Lighting: Alternatively, adding lighting beneath cabinets is a powerful yet simple kitchen lighting makeover that is relatively inexpensive and easy to accomplish. This addition can illuminate workspaces, provide visual interest, and even make the kitchen appear larger.

  • Dimmable Lights: Consider installing dimmable lights to allow flexibility in setting the mood and tone of the kitchen. Being able to control the brightness ensures that the lighting is never too harsh or too dim, making the kitchen adaptable for various occasions.

Plumbing Fixtures:

  • Consult a Professional: Before selling your home or embarking on a major renovation, you should always consult a plumber to ensure that all plumbing is in working order. Hidden leaks or outdated components can lead to serious issues down the road.

  • Upgrade Faucets and Sinks: If the design of your exterior plumbing fixtures, such as your faucet and kitchen sink, is outdated or simply does not match your kitchen's new aesthetic, consider replacing them. Today's market offers a wide variety of styles and finishes that can coordinate with any design scheme.

  • Professional Installation: While some homeowners might be tempted to upgrade plumbing fixtures on their own, it's often best to enlist the services of a plumber or handyman if you're not familiar with the process. Professional installation ensures that the fixtures are properly fitted, avoiding potential leaks or malfunctions.

In conclusion, while appliances may often be the stars of the kitchen, the supporting cast of lighting and plumbing fixtures are equally essential in creating a cohesive and functional space. The details matter, and investing in modern upgrades for these features can have a profound impact on the overall appeal of your kitchen.

Whether preparing your home for sale or simply aiming to enjoy a more contemporary space, taking the time to carefully select and install these elements can greatly enhance the comfort and value of your home. It's a task that doesn't always require a significant investment but can pay off in both satisfaction and return.

Create Attention Grabbing Countertops

When it comes to updating your kitchen, sturdy, neutral countertops and the matching flooring are essential. Just as stainless steel has become a commonly sought after appliance finish over others, the same may be said about solid-surfaces and countertops. Replace your old laminate counters with granite, slate, concrete, or tile for a more appealing look.

If you're on a budget, though, composite countertops can give your kitchen a granite look for a fraction of the price. It's always a good option to use neutral hues that complement your kitchen cabinetry and create an overall new, clean look.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Floors are Flawless

Many homeowners prefer durable yet attractive finishes when it comes to kitchen flooring. Consider adding natural stone tile or wood flooring to improve your kitchen floors. Other amazing flooring improvement alternatives include engineered hardwood, granite, and porcelain tile.

Whatever flooring you choose, depending on the style of your kitchen and your budget, be sure it's installed correctly. Some flooring solutions, such as tile, are difficult to install yourself and can be completely ruined if done incorrectly.

Little Final Touches That Make a Big Difference

Even while we all wish we had an unlimited budget to upgrade our kitchen with the latest appliances and smart-home gadgets, that isn't always the case. Fortunately, sometimes all a kitchen requires is a new backsplash or a lick of paint.

Consider a white subway tile backsplash or a patterned tile backsplash for a more distinctive look. When it comes to painting the kitchen walls and ceiling, white or neutral colors are always a good choice.

You might, however, paint the walls a fresh yet light hue of blue to bring character to your kitchen while still complementing its modern style. Want to see what your kitchen may look like in a variety of different hues? This online visualizer from Sherwin Williams is a great way to do that quickly and easily and without the need to break out your paintbrushes (yet)

Getting ready to sell your Waterloo Region home, or buy a new one? Let Team Pinto use our huge experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs here.


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