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Buying a Home: Consider The Best Architecture for You

If you have come to a point in your life when it’s time to stop renting and start exploring the Waterloo Region real estate market for the first time, there are lots of things to consider. One of the most fundamental is what type of house best suits you.

With this in mind it can be a good idea to start to make a list to decide on the best type of house for you. You will have enough things to worry about–inspections, neighborhoods, closings, etc.–once you actually find a house. Whether you want tons of space or a cozy cottage like home, here are some options for you to explore.

You don’t have to decide now of course, but understanding the different types of homes out there will likely prove helpful when you are faced with lots of properties to see and limited time.

The Ranch

The iconic home of the Brady Brunch, a ranch is ideal for families. Ranches are either single-level or split-level homes which feature a simple, open floor plan. They usually come equipped with an attached garage and attractive vaulted ceilings.

From the outside, a ranch can be identified by its long, low roofline; large, usually shuttered windows; and overhanging eaves.


Inspired by the traditional Swiss chalet in the Alps, chalets can be found throughout Canada these days. These beautiful homes are often made of wood and boast upward sloping roofs. I

n the past chalets were used as resorts or vacation homes because of their inviting appearance. Even though many chalets are now residential, they maintain their charming vacation home feel.


Traditionally, a farmhouse was the main home on the farm; modern farmhouses carry a style no longer limited to agricultural settings.

Originating in a time when big families were the norm, farmhouses’ modern version is perfect for a family that wants lots of space and a homey feel. Farmhouses usually have many windows, two floors, and a porch–perfect for watching the sunset!


The defining features of a postmodern home are less tangible. Filled with juxtaposition and diverse geometric architecture, each postmodern home boasts distinctive style and invokes a devil-may-care feeling from outside observers.

If you are searching for something rather unique, this may be the style of home for you.



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