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Common Items on a Home Inspection Report You Should Never Overlook

When planning to buy a home, most people understand the value of getting a thorough home inspection report completed. No one wants to end up with a money pit full of serious, but previously overlooked problems.

It is imperative that you check all noted items with your Realtor once you obtain your home inspection report. Together, you can decide what you want to ask the seller to fix (if applicable) and what you intend to prioritize when you take possession.

Here is a look at some common issues noted on a home inspection report that buyers often dismiss, and why doing so is a terrible idea.

Crawl Space Issues

Out of sight, out of mind, huh? In an environment that you may [almost] never see, it may be easy to overlook problems, but certainly not wise. This is, after all, part of your home’s foundation.

So, be sure to consult a specialist if crawl space concerns crop up on your inspection report. Moisture problems are very common, and can cause some very expensive to fix problems.

By bringing in a company that specializes in crawl spaces and can treat mould, you’ll fully understand what you are dealing with from the start. Even if all is correctly remedied, it is vital that homeowners remain vigilant after heavy rains by checking the space to ensure that it stays dry.

Electrical Concerns

Electrical items can be tricky and intimidating. When homeowners attempt DIY electrical modifications, things don’t always turn out well.

Your home’s electric system needs to be up to a very strict code. You should not dismiss seemingly minor defects or safety concerns noted on an inspection report without speaking to a licensed electrician.

Get a referral for a trustworthy company that will tell you what must be done without trying to oversell you. Electrical hazards are simply not worth the risk of ignoring!

Guttering Glitches

This seems like a much more basic item than the ones previously discussed, but it still should not be neglected. This item also goes hand in hand with crawl space maintenance.

If gutters and downspouts aren’t clear and functioning properly, this could mean unwanted water flowing down near your foundation. Of course, gutters should be regularly cleaned to maintain proper flow, but that isn’t the only thing to look out for.

Be sure that there are no seam/seal leaks noted and that any gutter guards are in good condition. If the home you’re looking at doesn’t already have them, consider adding downspout extensions to keep flowing water as far away from the foundation as possible.

Smoke Detectors

Did you know that every 10 years, smoke detectors need to be replaced? You can’t just change the batteries and call it a day, but you have to replace the detector itself. Even if you’re checking the batteries and it seems to work, your home may be at risk.

The radioactive isotopes inside smoke detectors start to decay at a certain point, and they no longer detect smoke! To decide whether they have reached the end of their service life, ensure you pay attention to the age of each detector.

Dryer Vents

Even if the sellers are not leaving a dryer behind – and many do -it’s important to check dryer vents. This isn’t a complicated maintenance item, just be sure they are cleaned and properly maintained! It’s as simple as that. Dryer vents should be cleaned at least annually, maybe more often depending on the size of your family/laundry load. It is such an inexpensive maintenance item but SO important to prevent house fires.



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