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Creating – and Staging – A Great Guest Bedroom for Less

A great many of us have a guest bedroom in our homes. Except for much of the year its not really a guest bedroom at all, it’s a place where everyone in the family stores their clutter or the dog goes to hide when he’s done something bad.

Then when it actually comes time to accommodate some real live guests in the space it becomes a mad scramble to get the room looking at least half decent. The same can also be true when you are staging a home for sale. You will need to convey to potential buyers that the space is a useable bedroom space and not just a glorified storage closet.

Here are some tips for creating a guest bedroom that will look great, need little in the way of maintenance when not in use and will actually be cozy and comfortable for your guests to make use of or convince potential home buyers that it will be great for their future guests as well.

Making the Most of a Small Space

Guest bedrooms, by default, are usually the smallest in the house, the one that nobody wanted. Therefore it is not very likely that you will have much space to work with when it comes to furnishing it.

Buying a full size queen bed to put in your guest room will really limit your options in a smaller space and who says that all your guests are going to be couples anyway? Instead consider opting for two single beds (that can be pushed together if necessary) or even for a sofa bed that can extend to become a bigger bed.

Storage is a tricky issue too. No guest really wants to live out of their suitcase and they really should not have to. No one is suggesting you splurge and have a contractor come in and knock out a built in wardrobe (although you could) but a nice chest of drawers is something your guests really will appreciate.

Decorating for Anyone

You might want to consider replacing that old bedside lamp with something a little more modern, stylish and effective. Low hanging pendant lights can be a great choice for over-bed lighting as they provide task lighting without being too overpowering.

In terms of overall décor you should keep things rather neutral. Yes your niece would probably love sleeping in a bright pink room but your Grandad certainly wouldn’t. White may not be the best idea, but other neutral tones will work well.

You can add color and flair with scatter cushions and wall prints and if you are a really ambitious host you could even consider having a few “sets” and rotating them according to who is staying in the room this week.

A chair or two is a must as well. You do not have to spend a fortune and you might just be able to pick up a good find at an antique store that offers a little more character than something off the shelf from a big furniture store. As you really only need one it doesn’t have to really match anything, just not stand out like a sore thumb!



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