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DIY Staging Tricks: Solving Clutter Issues and Adding Style with Bench Storage Chests

Every home has clutter that needs to be hidden away, Eventually though closets become too full and storing clothing in a damp basement -and most basements are at least a little damp – is rarely a good idea if you would still like to wear them some day. It is especially important to limit clutter when you are trying to sell the home you live in and stage it in a way that appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.

Bench storage chests can be an easy and affordable solution to a clutter problem all over the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the hallway and beyond. In addition they can also serve other useful purposes, if you use your imagination a little.

Bench storage chests allow you to keep things out of the way and out of sight while still having them fairly close to hand, making them perfect for blankets and other linens in the bedroom, extra towels in the bathroom and almost anything you want elsewhere in the house. After all, the house may be up for sale, but at the moment you are still living in it on a day to day basis.

However, because they are pieces of furniture though a bench storage chest can also be used in a more functional manner as a staging toolwith the plus that they will be useful to you in your new home when you get there too.

Bench Storage Chest as a Window Seat

Ever looked through a glossy home decor magazine and seen a beautiful window seat and wished that you had the spare money to have one built in your home (or the DIY skills to build one yourself.) Using a bench storage chest to act as the basis for a window seat is an easy alternative and can create a feature that will wow many potential home buyers.

If you opt for taller storage chest often you can find options in the stores that are just the right width for setting beneath a window. Choose one that has a padded top for comfort, add a few pillows or throw cushions and you have an almost instant window seat that can be as attractive as it is practical!

Bench Storage Chests in the Kids Room

There are two things that are true about almost every kid – they have a lot of small toys and they tend to leave those small toys all over the floor. A roomy bench storage chest makes a great toy box and it has the added advantage that it can provide extra seating in the child’s room. And it will offer a very easy way to tidy up in a rush when your Realtor calls to say she’s bringing a buyer over in a few hours.

When shopping for a bench for a child’s room try to avoid the very cutesy toddler type offerings. Choosing a plainer model in a great color means that the chest will be able to “grow” with your child from their toddler to their teenage years and beyond and it also won’t add anything jarring to your ‘neutral home’ staging efforts.

Bench Storage Chests for the Outdoor Entertainment Space

More and more people are entertaining at home in their backyards rather than heading out to pricey restaurants these days and outdoor dining areas and outdoor kitchens are the most requested home improvement job people undertake these days. And it’s certainly something that lots of home buyers are looking for.

Bench storage chests can play a really big part in both the look and the function of these spaces. Any outdoor entertainment space needs great storage, places to keep dinnerware and silverware for outdoor use as well as extra towels for sunbathing or the kids garden toys. Bench storage chests are the perfect solution.

An outdoor bench storage chest can also provide the informal seating that you really need in an outdoor entertainment space. Even if you have a formal outdoor dining table no one wants to spend all their time sitting at it and the storage chest – or chests – can be placed anywhere that extra seating might be useful.

Where to Buy Storage Chests

If you are looking for a basic bench storage chest then your local home store may be the best place to begin shopping. Most of them carry a fairly extensive range of basic storage chests – especially if you are looking for a more durable one for the bathroom or for outdoor use. These tend to be very reasonably priced as well.

If you are looking for something more ornate the a department store or specialist furniture store is worth checking out. They tend to carry a more extensive range – design wise at least – and if you hit the sales just right you may be able to score yourself a real bargain. And of course there is my personal favorite; the thrift store, where you can often find one-off pieces that are nothing short of amazing.

Online shopping is another option and this is often how you will find the largest selection of storage bench chests of all, as the magic of the Internet is of course you can shop stores from all over the country – or even all over the world – so your choices are bound to be far more extensive.

When shopping online for heavier items you do have to pay careful attention to the shipping costs though if you do not want a nasty surprise. Often if you are not too careful expensive shipping costs can almost double the cost of the item you were considering. Free or at least reduced cost shipping is always worth looking for and these days not so hard to find.

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