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Easy Fall Home Staging Tips for Waterloo Region Homesellers

As we head into autumn, most of us start to think about making some changes around our homes to create a warmer, cozier feeling to welcome the season.

One of the great staging tricks that the pros use when working on homes for sale is making sure that the home reflects the season so that those viewing it do not feel that anything is jarringly out of place.

With that in mind here are just a few tips for adding some fabulous autumn home staging touches to your Waterloo Region home for sale easily and inexpensively that you can still enjoy as well.

Don’t Pack Away the Patio Chairs Just Yet

Here in the Waterloo Region the temperatures certainly do begin to drop as autumn sets in but the truly cold weather is still at least a month or so away, often more.

Instead of packing away your deck and patio furniture for the year just yet you can make a few tweaks to extend its use for a little while longer. If you do not have one yet, invest in a small inexpensive fire-pit and you can take the chill off fall evenings so that relaxing outside after a busy day is still an option for a little longer.

Giving potential buyers this vision can actually be quite the selling point as ‘outdoor living’ is more popular than ever, especially in a post COVID world.

Add The Scents of the Season

Indoors you can use scented candles to instantly add an autumn mood to your home while you make other decor tweaks. Cinnamon, pumpkin, apple pie are all scents that almost instantly evoke the third season of the year in everyone’s mind.

Change the Bedding

The simple act of changing light summer bedding for cozier options can also add an instant touch of fall. Don’t just add a bigger comforter though consider adding warmth in layers with fluffier flannel sheets and warmer blankets topped off with a decorative throw.

Add Fall Color to Your Kitchen

Just by adding a bowl filled with pumpkins and colorful winter squashes, as well as perhaps a few chestnuts, is an easy, all-natural way to add a little fall flair to your countertops that can look rather sophisticated instead of Halloween-ey.

Get Crafty

Decorating for Halloween while your home is actually actively being shown is something some Realtors frown upon and for good reason. Ghosts and ghouls and gore is NOT a great home-staging look.

Instead, try adding decor touches to your home that can last all season long and will evoke an Autumnal mood without being cartoonish. That multi-colored corn you see at farmer’s markets these days? Pick some up, dry it out a little in the sun and then tie several pieces together with a fall colored ribbon.

It makes a great alternative to a store-bought fall wreath and placed on your front door should last until it is time to add a wreath for the winter holiday season and it will also add an extra welcoming touch that potential buyers will be sure to notice.



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