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Home Decor Styles A-Z Part One

What if you had a blank canvas that you could decorate however you wished, what would you add to it? Moving into a new home is a little like that, it gives you the opportunity to take an empty shell and style it in anyway you want. After the remodeling and renovating is done you then have to add the finishing decor touches that will make a nice house look and feel like a wonderful home. There are however a number of home decor “design styles” that anyone should explore when deciding how to “dress” their home. In this two part post we are going to cover some of the most popular. Which is your favorite?

Art Deco: Art Deco harks back to the 1920s and 1930s when furniture was streamlined and geometric and so was the accompanying artwork. In terms of colour paler, cooler colours were the order of the day, ranging from soft greys and delicate pink whites to cooler blues, yellows and teal. The good news if you decide to go Art Deco is that you can still find a great many original pieces to accent your home in antique and thrift stores.

Arts and Crafts – The Arts and Crafts design movement was the predecessor of the Art Deco style and was mainly popular in the US. Furnishings were very simple, the focus being on the materials that were used to craft the furniture, not the style or form themselves. Colours were earthy – dark greens, mud browns and there was lots and lots of wood.

The style was primarily inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, who, during that time, was becoming what the world might consider the first green architect. He insisted on using local materials only on his construction sites and natural materials were at the forefront of his designs. an amazing example of his best work still exists in the form of the Falling Water house in Pennsylvania in the US, a home built on top of – and incorporating – a waterfall.

Asian – Home decor inspired by homes in Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand is very popular at the moment. The style mixes bamboo elements of all kinds – from floors on up – and colors are taken from nature and are cool, calm and serene while furnishings are usually hand-painted or decoupaged with all kinds of Asian scenes.

Coastal – This home decor look is inspired by anything and everything that comes from the seaside. Colours are of course white, yellow and various shades of blue and fabrics are light and airy and the furniture clean and very simple. Seashells are often used as accents and hurricane type lighting is a great touch as well.

Contemporary Design – The contemporary look is defined by clean sharp lines, lots of open space and monochrome colours schemes given a surprise boost by flashes of bold bright colour. Furniture is usually very sleek, quite low to the ground and often has metal elements.

Country – The country look is characterized by the use of a lot of white wood paneling fabrics are usually soft and floral , while colour schemes consist of muted hues with pops of red, black or white used as accents . Floral, checked and striped fabric patterns are popular and furniture has a rustic quality with handmade items being a big focus when it comes to ornaments and accent pieces.

English Country – The English Country home decor look is a rather feminine one. The colours used include reds, pinks greens and a lot of cream and florals play a huge part in the overall decor scheme. Sofas and chairs are overstuffed and comfy and other furniture might be dark wood and rather ornately carved.

French – This style is ornate, a bit fanciful and certainly all about the bling. Color schemes are often mono coloured only and crystal, gold and antique furnishing are all a must to achieve this look.

Mediterranean – This is a look inspired by the coastal areas of Spain, Greece and Turkey and features lots of textured and heavier materials like velvet and brocade and the colour scheme incorporates sun and sea inspired shades of blue, yellow, green and even lavender and terracotta.

Angelica Pinto is an artist, interior design lover and Realtor serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario communities.

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