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Home Improvement – Creating a Stunning Sunroom

A sunroom can provide a great retreat for everyone in your home. A place to sit and admire the view, to relax with a good book and nice glass of something delicious, a place to escape from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house for a while. It’s also an addition very much sought after by today’s Waterloo Region homebuyers, so it can offer great ROI on your investment.

And today’s modern sunrooms are no longer just for use in the spring and summer. Many are so well insulated that they can be as cozy to curl up in once the weather turns chilly again.

Decorating your sunroom is not always the easiest of tasks, especially if you intend to use it year round. This is a space indoors that is still kind of outdoors. Figuring out the right décor can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips for creating your perfect sunroom:

Keep it Simple

If you (or a previous owner) had a sunroom built onto your home in the first place that probably indicates that the view from it is almost certainly a rather nice one. That means that it is that scenery that should take center stage, not a jumble of furniture. Instead decide upon a simple, consistent theme and stick to it. And yes, furnishings with an outdoorsy type feel do work better in the sunroom, otherwise, the whole space ends up feeling like just another living room, just one with big windows.

Choose Colors Wisely

Many people gravitate towards a rather light and earthy color palette for their sunroom décor. That is certainly in keeping with the outdoorsy feel of the space but it does not mean that color has to fade into the background altogether. Add a surprising shock of vibrant color with lime green rugs or accessories that will keep the theme going but adds that extra pizazz any sunroom needs.

Don’t Plant a Mini Garden in Your Sunroom

Some people have the tendency to get a little carried away and start treating their sunroom like a greenhouse. One or two plants can be a nice touch but too many and it begins to look like you are growing a miniature indoor garden – detracting from all the beauty outside. If you want to add green to your sunroom décor consider adding a few understated green area rugs instead of a forest of houseplants.

Add Plenty of Comfy Extras

Since a sunroom is primarily a place to relax it should be as comfortable as possible without being cluttered. Add several over-sized pillows and floor cushions and consider buying a couple of comfortable Papasan-style chairs, which make great nap spots for when you are really relaxed.

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