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Home Staging 101 – Planning the Perfect Patio

If you will be putting your home on the market this coming Spring, no doubt you are already thinking about how you will stage it in order for it to appeal to as many buyers as possible. And while the staging of the interior – both in ‘real life’ and listing photos – is essential in 2017 it’s important to remember that many buyers are also on the lookout for some great ‘outdoor living space’ during their home search as well.

Spending time outdoors on their patio or deck is one of a great many homeowner’s favorite things to do and a great space in which to relax, entertain or simply just ‘hang’ outdoors is making its way towards the top of more and more potential home-buyer’s want lists.But are you really making the most of your outdoor space? It may be a little too cold to spend much time outdoors right now but when those Spring days return and the buyers come calling at your home for sale will your outdoor space stun or underwhelm? Here are some tips for planning, staging and creating a backyard retreat that anyone who visits will find it hard to leave to head indoors.

Adding a Little Privacy – Whether they are hosting a party for the neighbourhood or just chilling out with a cold glass of something nice and a good book the one thing people want when they are outdoors on their patio or deck is a little privacy. Instead of putting up fences though why not add some strategically placed shrubs and trees to create a secluded but very attractive outdoor retreat instead? You might be surprised by the difference that just one or two of them can make.

Add a Focal Point – Whether it is a container full of gloriously coloured flowers or a full blown outdoor fireplace the best outdoor living spaces have a focal point. This not only sets the tone for the rest of your outdoor staging efforts but helps sew the seed in a potential buyer’s mind of just how wonderful this space would be to spend time in.

Softening Stone – Stone patios can be beautiful and rugged, but still look a little harsh and cold. You can soften this effect by adding greenery that spills over the stones, creating a more natural look.

Don’t Forget the Comfy Chairs – The most beautiful patio in the world is a bit useless if you don’t want to spend any time there. Home staging is all about setting a stage for potential buyers to imagine building their lives there. That is why it is as important to pay attention to creating the impression of comfort as it is to aesthetics. Make sure that there is enough comfy seating to create that impression and if space allows you to add an al fresco dining table – even if it’s only a small, bistro style one – that’s another great way to ensure that your home’s outdoor living space appeals to potential home-buyers as the indoor ones.



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