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Home Staging Tips: Easy Ways to Transform a Bedroom From Blah to Beautiful

Even if it is not a room you show off to guests too often staging an attractive, functional bedroom is a must when you are getting ready to sell your home, especially given how much time the average person is likely to spend there! This is a room that is often overlooked when it comes to home staging though as the time and the funds are often allocated to spaces that see more public traffic (kitchen, bathroom, living room etc.)

Creating a great looking space that gives the immediate impression to buyers that it will be a pleasure to spend time in does not need to be that complicated to pull off or expensive to achieve. Here are just a few examples of beautiful bedroom decor to inspire your own staging efforts:

Bold and Bright

Simple furniture and rather neutral bed linens are the perfect foil for the very bold wallpaper pattern used in the small bedroom pictured above. The sculpted headboard adds even more whimsy to the look and the blues in the florals are tranquil and relaxing, even though they are so bright.

Easy Elegance

A few dollars worth of easy to install, stick on wall molding makes all the difference in this easy, casual bedroom space. The molding gives an elegant shape and form to create a feature wall in the room and the grey blue walls complement the bright yellow bedding surprisingly effectively.

Retro Fab

Simple wood paneling was added to this room to lend it some extra warmth and interest. The choice of bedding and accessories then lends it a retro (dare I say Seventies) vibe that is cool and interesting and not at all dated.

Tone on Tone Elegance

Using too much of a similar colour in any decor scheme can end up looking matchy and boring but that is not the case in this bedroom. The base champagne colour is elegant and serene and then little details give the space its pop. The bed frame is a simple, but effective one crafted from simple metal piping and the elegant chandelier adds the biggest shot of charm and interest.

Unexpected Colour

Many design experts would say that red never belongs in a bedroom , and especially not a bedroom being staged for sale,  as it is a loud and active shade that does not promote the desired relaxed state at all. Here though it is used to great effect in the ultra luxurious looking bedding and the clever use of themed artwork adds and air of sophisticated, very grown up elegance.

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