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How to Add 5 Things Post Pandemic Home Buyers Are Looking For to Your Home For Sale

Whether we welcome the words’ new normal ‘or wish we had never heard of that term, it is clear that, at least for the near future, coronavirus and much that goes along with it is here to stay.

So, during the age of Covid-19, what did homebuyers get used to that they would likely want in their new home?

The pandemic has affected the way people eat, work, shower, attend classes and connect as families. This means that today’s homebuyer wants to have features that suit newly acquired routines and essential daily functions in their new house.

Even if the virus has less effect on our lives soon, it is likely that the homes we live in will mirror what we are all now getting used to. They might also be more like what the ideal shelter we wish our homes had been when the pandemic first reared its ugly head early last year.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the things that are being added to homebuyers’ want lists that may not have been there before COVID-19 and how to ensure your home for sale offers them.

A Mudroom or Foyer

In many homes, removing shoes, taking off clothes, and disinfecting packages before entering a home’s main living space has become a routine. Keeping germs out of our homes is simpler with a dedicated mudroom or foyer entry.

Fear of bringing the virus into our living areas is natural, so mudrooms and foyers are important temporary places of storage for things that need to be sanitized. Not every home has one though, so if that is the case, what can a home seller do?

With a little creativity a garage, a hallway or even a patio, can be converted into a reasonable mud room area. If necessary work with a professional home stager, as they usually have the vision to create such a space that is both functional and attractive.

A Kitchen That Really Works

Although most restaurants have been allowed to continue to offer takeout during lockdowns, most people have spent a lot more time in their kitchens actually cooking over the last year.

While you don’t need a huge kitchen to cook great meals you do need a functional one with room to move and plenty of storage, which is what many home buyers are now looking for. For home sellers this means putting a greater focus on showcasing these aspects of the kitchen in your home, and considering making layout changes if needed.

A Real Home Office

At the start of the pandemic many people found themselves working from their couch with their laptop on their knees because their home lacked any space that could be considered a real workspace. That’s why for many a real home office is right at the top of their wants list.

A home office does not have to be a converted spare room though. Dedicated space carved out in the kitchen, a repurposed dining room, even a spot in a large closet or under the stairs can all be converted into practical home office space with some imagination and minor remodeling.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor living space has been essential for many people to stay sane during pandemic related lockdowns, or so we, as real estate agents, have been told. Even if you do not have a huge garden you can stage patio, deck, porch or even balcony to offer the practical, attractive that post pandemic home buyers are looking for.

Let There Be (More) Light

Even something as simple as more light is on the want lists of many home buyers. There is little more miserable to spend time in than a dark, dingy room, so anything that homeowners can do to lighten up their home will help home buyers see it in a more favourable light (pardon the pun.)

This might include replacing heavy drapes with sheer curtains, painting walls and ceilings a lighter colour and moving any furniture that blocks the flow of natural light.



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