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How to Add a Bathroom to Your Waterloo Region Home

And 5 Very Good Reasons Why You Should (Especially If You Plan to Sell Soon)

Whether you are planning to move in the future and want to boost your Waterloo Region home’s resale value or you’re just tired of waiting your turn to shower, adding a bathroom can help increase your overall happiness with your home.

A study published by the National Association of Realtors found that more than half the surveyed homeowners who added a bathroom to their homes had an increased sense of enjoyment and actually wanted to be home more often.

Wanting to add a bathroom to your home, and actually doing so, are two different things, of course. What's the best way to get started? How much is the project going to cost, and will you get a decent return on your investment? Do you even have room in your Waterloo region home to add more bathroom space? These and other questions are what we are going to take a closer look at here.

Finding Space for a Bathroom Addition

Don’t think you have room to add a bathroom to your home? You may want to think again. Many construction experts say that a second or third bathroom can be added to any house, and you can do it with or without adding square footage.

According to experts, for a full bathroom addition with a bathtub, you would need about a 5×8 foot space. To add a half bath, you would only need a 3×6 foot space.

With this in mind, in most homes there are several location options where you can grab some extra space for a bathroom addition.


You can steal space away from an existing bedroom if you want to add a master bath. Or you can add a bathroom to be shared between bedrooms by utilizing a closet space. Trust us, you won’t miss that extra 3 feet taken from the room once you’ve finished the bathroom, and you will love having that extra shower/deep soaking tub just steps from your bed.

A master bathroom addition is a very popular choice, and one that will almost certainly increase your home's perceived value in the minds of homebuyers if and when the time to sell your home comes.


Your home may have up to 30 or 40 unused square feet in hallways alone. You could easily turn this wasted space into a small bathroom that is perfect for guest use.


If you have a large closet in a bedroom or a hallway linen closet, you can also repurpose space from these areas. If you’re worried about losing storage, you can always add extra shelving to either your bathroom or bedroom.

If these options don’t seem doable, you may consider putting a small addition onto your home. Taking a few square feet from your backyard is a small trade-off to gain that extra bathroom.

One of the best ways to determine where a bathroom can be added, and where it will work best in your home, is to ask a professional. The chances that you will be able to 'build' a new bathroom without professional help are slim, so getting one involved as early as the basic design stage only makes sense.

Bathroom Addition Cost Considerations

Once you’ve found the space to put your new bathroom, it’s time to decide if there’s room for it in your budget. Adding a bathroom to your home can range from pretty affordable to very extravagant, depending on what you want. Keep in mind that according to the National Association of Realtors, you will recover 50-60% of what you put into the project should you decide to sell your home.

Cost to Add a Full Bathroom

The cost to add a full bathroom to your home using existing space will run you between $25,000 to $60,000. A lot of the costs will depend on whether you have easy access to plumbing lines or not. Before starting your bathroom addition, you should consult a professional for expert advice on electrical and plumbing, and to see if you’ll need to pull a permit.

Cost to Add a Half Bathroom

If you’re using existing space in your home for your new half bath, it will run you between $6,000 to $12,000. Costs to add a half bath are usually on the lower end of the spectrum, since you’ll only have to purchase a toilet and sink or vanity.

6 Benefits of Adding a Bathroom to Your Waterloo Region Home

1. Allows for Family Growth

One of the top reasons to add a bathroom to your home is to make room for a growing family to live comfortably together. If you’re living in a full house, fighting over who gets the bathroom next can become a daily issue. An extra bathroom can end this struggle and instantly make your home feel more efficient.

2. Makes Entertaining and Hosting Overnight Guests Easier

Having an extra bathroom when hosting holiday get-togethers or overnight visitors is useful, so your guests have their own space to use the restroom and shower. It also helps cut back on traffic and germs in your personal bathroom.

3. Improves Mobility and Safety

At some point, you may have a family member or friend who needs a more accessible bathroom. If your bathroom addition is on the first floor, you might consider adding limited mobility features, such as a non-slip floor, handrails and a walk-in shower.

4. Utilizes Unused Space

As mentioned above, the best location to add a bathroom to your home is a space that currently isn’t useful. Whether it’s a spare bedroom or a small dining room that is sitting idle, why not transform it into your perfect bathroom? Or, why not use the extra space at the end of your hallway for a guest half bath?

Take a step back and look at areas you’re not using to their full potential. In most cases, you can find room to add a bathroom without having to build onto your home.

5. Adds Privacy

We’re pretty sure that no one has ever complained about having too much privacy in their home. Having one extra bathroom in the house helps prevent arguments and provides you with the personal space you deserve – whether you’re feeling sick or simply need alone time to unwind with a bubble bath.

6. Boosts Home Value

One of the biggest benefits of adding a bathroom is the resale value it can add to your home. Exactly how much value does a bathroom add to a home? That depends where you’re located, but the National Association of Home Builders shares that adding a half bath can increase your home’s value by 10.5%, and adding a full bath increases it by 20%. Beyond adding or remodelling a bathroom, see what other home renovations you should make before selling your home.



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