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How To Embrace Minimalist Home Decorating and Live Better with Less

You may have forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions to keep your house organized and embrace a more streamlined home decor scheme now that winter is almost over. You also might notice odd papers strewn across the counters, or knick-knacks you can’t remember acquiring cluttering up your shelves as you wander about your house.

With a new season just around the corner, there’s no better moment than now to get rid of the clutter and start over. And if you plan on selling your Waterloo Region home this year, it will give you a great head start on the decluttering and home staging you'll need to do before your home hits the market.

Getting your home decluttered, organized and then embracing that minimalist home decorating look you know you really want is not as hard as it might seem (and a fear of how hard it might be is probably the reason you’ve been putting this off since the ball dropped on 2022)

These pointers will assist you in starting to develop a more minimalist home décor scheme and learning how to live better with less.

Declutter First

The clutter that has gathered in your home over the years may be one of the main reasons you are exploring minimalist home décor. Start small if you’re looking for a place to start.

Spending five minutes a day decluttering your home, organizing room-by-room, or just clearing off any surface clutter are all examples of this. You have options to make decluttering perfect no matter how you start arranging your house, including hiring professional home organizing assistance to get that initial decluttering push out of the way.

Check Your Storage Situation

Having enough storage to properly stow your belongings is an easy method to keep the clutter at bay. You may be unable to achieve your aim of a minimalistic home and lifestyle due to a lack of storage space. However, this does not imply that you should begin purchasing more items than you require. Having adequate storage will help you to keep everything in its appropriate location, preventing clutter from overflowing into your living quarters.

Embrace Lighter Color Schemes

Choosing light hues as your base for a minimalist home decor is the first step. Consider whites, beige, light grays, or any other neutral color variant you prefer. However, don’t be scared to add some bolder, darker shades to your decor.

These contrasting colors will help to add depth to your living space. You can keep your color palette bright while also introducing darker tones, whether it’s black throw blankets over an off-white couch or dark gray cushions on a taupe bedspread.

Go for Streamlined Furniture

Designing a minimalist home interior takes effort and consideration, whether you have a popular house style or something more distinctive. If you’re thinking about replacing your furniture, keep it simple.

Backless barstools in the kitchen or a trendy glass coffee table are examples of furniture with clean lines. You want a room that is functional and matches the interior of your home, regardless of design.

Create Depth and Interest with Texture

Use a range of textures in your home to add contrast and intrigue, such as a bulky wool blanket on a smooth velvet couch with linen drapes to frame your windows. This way, you can maintain a clean color scheme without having your home appear monochromatic.

Decorate with Intention

One of the reasons you might want to create a sleek home is because your space is cluttered with knickknacks. When it comes to designing your home, it’s critical to select objects that have meaning for you.

Having a well-curated assortment of decorative items will elevate the look of your room without detracting from the rest of your design. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the decorations. Choose appropriate artwork for your walls and arrange your pottery or candles in a pleasing manner.

Get Greener

While having vivid vegetation in your home when sticking to a neutral color palette may seem paradoxical, bringing plants into your home can help tie your room together. Houseplants provide a touch of natural beauty to your home and can help you breathe new life into it while remaining minimalist.

Use a rubber plant next to a window that gets a lot of light, or a pothos in a dark bedroom. The possibilities for incorporating indoor plants and flowers into your minimalist home interior design are limitless. Plants also provide numerous other advantages, such as raising productivity and improving indoor air quality.

Warm Your Home with Natural Light

Lift your window blinds while you’re looking for the perfect spot in your home for your new houseplants. Sunlight can help make your house feel more like a home by adding warmth to your neutral decor.

To keep your area feeling spacious and bright, take advantage of the natural light that your windows provide. You can use breezy, translucent drapes to accent your windows or hang a mirror to help diffuse natural light around your space even if you live in a home with little natural sunlight.

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