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Monday Waterloo Region Roundup – New Opportunities for First Time Homebuyers, KW Oktoberfest N

Affordable Home Ownership Program Expanded by Region of Waterloo

The Region of Waterloo is expanding the Affordable Home Program – a government scheme for first time homebuyers that provides up to 5 per of the cost of a home buying downpayment, raising the income limit to $90,500 and maximum home value to $386,000, potentially making home ownership in the area a reality for many more families than before. Read More.

New Miss Oktoberfest Crowned Ahead of 49th Year of Celebrations 

Ahead of it’s kickoff on October 6th, the KW Oktoberfest has crowned its 49th Miss Oktoberfest, a 21 year old student from the University of Guelph. Read More 

University of Guelph Professor Tracing the Area’s Farming Legacy 

A history professor from the University of Guelph, Catharine Wilson, is making use of diaries that are over 150 years old to help shed light on what life was really like for the farming families who helped found and shape the region and some of the information she is uncovering is rather surprising. Read More.

Kitchener Couple’s Wedding Photos Capture Groom’s Heroic Act 

All couples think that their wedding photos are very special, but that is especially true for Clayton Cook and Brittany Cook, who recently got married in Kitchener and adjourned to Victoria Park to shoot some photos. As they did however Clayton noticed a little boy in trouble in the water and, as local photographer Darren Hutt captured on film, what happened next was pretty amazing. Read More.



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