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Practical Home Staging – The Small Bathroom

Extra bathrooms are often quite a selling point for any home, even a small one. However, if that small bathroom is not in the best shape decor wise, which does tend to be the case for a less used guest bathroom, then it may not impress a seller in the way that it should and may even turn them off.

While no home seller wants to have to invest a great deal of money into a home they are trying to sell if you have a smaller bathroom that just needs some help you really will need to address the issues before putting the house on the market. However, as you will see from this before and after example it may not be as hard – or as expensive – as you think to turn drab into fab:

Dark and Drab to Smart and Stylish

Stuck with a bathroom space measuring just 7×6-foot, things looked a little bleak for these homeowners until a little clever DIY work changed everything, transforming the tiny space into a functional and fabulous one without even an extra inch being added on.

How? By ripping out the old sink and adding a fabulous new vessel sink on top of a re-purposed thrift store find shelf, changing the basic color scheme to a serene – and eye fooling – olive and white and choosing new linens that were fresh, stark white and airy. New tiling on the floor and a little cheap and cheerful artwork completed the look and all for less than $500!

Let’s take a closer look:

The vanity was literally created using a dresser purchased it in a thrift store. After it was sanded and revarnished it was the perfect spot to place an above counter sink.

The bathroom did boast a reasonably sized storage closet already, but by removing the doors and repainting the shelves the illusion of extra space was created without actually adding any at all.

Pretty amazing stuff eh? While every bathroom is different this example demonstrates how far a little imagination – and sweat equity – can take you in your quest to beautify your home for sale and attract those eager buyers.

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