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Quick and Easy Guest Bathroom Makeover Just in Time for the Big Winter Celebrations

Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s – the big winter holiday celebrations – are now just a few weeks away and for many of us this will mean the arrival of house guests. Which also all too often means a lot of stress to go along with the joy and good cheer.

When it comes to your home, many of us find that there always that one room that is not quite right, a place you would prefer your guests did not go because it does not quite live up to the rest of the house but you have not had time yet to do much about improving it. You are going to, you had just planned on putting things off until the New Year.

If that room happens to be your guest bathroom, then there is no way of course that you can even consider trying to keep visitors away. And while there is no time for a big bathroom remodeling project, even if you were to hire the best remodeler in the world there are some things you can do in just a weekend that can make a big difference to the way your guest bathroom looks. Here are just a few ideas:

De Clutter – Simple getting rid of all the clutter in a bathroom can often make a huge difference, both to the way the space looks and the way it functions. Get rid of everything you do not need and keep only essentials in view. Do not be tempted to simply shove everything into a cupboard under the sink though, guests will open those too! Actually spend time doing a proper ‘clean up’ and toss out all that unwanted clutter, because not only will things look better once you do but you’ll be surprised how much more spacious the room feels too.

Freshen Up the Floor – Even if you have no time to re-tile or regrout a dingy bathroom floor, you do have time to go to a store and buy a great new bathroom rug. And while you are at the store pick up great set of new towels that match the rug, it’s a quick and easy way to add some visual organization to your bathroom space in about two minutes!

Go for the Luxe Look – If you have a plastic shower curtain – even if it is a really cute and fun one – replace it with a richer fabric curtain instead. Choose just the right one and you can create instant elegant drama. Just make sure that it matches well with that new rug!

Add a Small Piece of Furniture – Even the smallest of guest bathrooms can usually accommodate at least one small piece of furniture. A small chair, a great little armoire or chest of drawers picked up from a thrift store, anything that will break up the utilitarian feel most bathrooms have and give it a little cozy appeal and even a little more functionality.

Add Some Welcoming Touches – Little things can go a long way when preparing a bathroom for guest use. Small soaps, travel sized hair products, spare toothbrushes and other bathroom essentials will all be welcomed by those guests who almost inevitably forgot to pack a few things!

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