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Quick Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Homesellers

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the home that most homeowners would love to remodel., In fact only kitchen remodeling is more popular. The difficulty is though that a full scale bathroom remodel is never cheap. And if you are selling your home you really don’t want to make that kind of finacial investment anyway.

However as the bathroom is one of the rooms that potential buyers will be taking most notice of (second to the kitchen only most of the time) if yours is looking shabby, dated or just not quite up to par you really do need to make an effort to improve it before you put your home on the market.

With all of this in mind why not consider one of these budget bathroom remodeling ideas that can help transform your bathroom in a few hours at most without breaking the bank:

Paint: A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to transform any room in the home and the bathroom is no exception. Light bright “watery” colors tend to work best in the bathroom, especially if you have a smaller space. Whatever colors you chose though opt for a washable paint that can be easily wiped clean of toothpaste, soap scum, shampoo and other common bathroom stains on an as needed basis (and especially before a showing)

Clear the Clutter: Often the real problem with a bathroom is that it is simply cluttered and disorganized and yet hiding all of those essential shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics away in a drawer someplace is inconvenient and you certainly cannot live without them. Investing in simple baskets to store bathroom essentials in is a cheap way to organize and store them and if you pick a particularly attractive they can also help improve the overall look of the space.

Accessorize: Another inexpensive way to remodel a bathroom on a budget is to give it a new theme. Usually you can find bathroom sets (shower curtains, rugs, window treatments etc) that all match in most department and home stores and the truly simple act of replacing a plain shower curtain and a plastic toothbrush holder with something a little more pulled together will make far more of a difference to the visual appeal of the space than you could ever imagine.

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