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September Gardening Chores for Waterloo Region Homeowners

If you are one of the many keen Waterloo Region gardeners who enjoy - and take pride - in enhancing your property, and the curb appeal of your Waterloo Region home, with well tended landscaping the arrival of September is the first indication that autumn is just around the corner.

As your September garden erupts with late-season color, maybe you're feeling proud of everything you've accomplished this season. But, even as you sit and reflect on the spring and summer seasons, there is always more work to be done in the garden!

September is a big month for gardeners in the Waterloo Region. This month will be filled with a lot of pruning, cleaning, and planting. There's a reason gardening experts call September the "second planting season"! Here we are going to take a closer look at that work to help you keep your garden in great shape for the coming autumn season.

September Maintenance Tasks for Waterloo Region Gardens

Weeding. Keep up with weeding in your garden by devoting 1-2 hours every week to it. Weeding regularly helps to prevent weeds from going to seed, as well as disease in the garden that will disrupt your efforts to safeguard it for the winter.

Put a stop to the pruning and fertilization. Pruning and fertilizing at this time of year just encourages new growth that will most likely not survive the winter.

If required, repot houseplants and bring them inside. Place them near a sunny window with sufficient airflow, and keep an eye out for pests as you do so.

Stop deadheading annuals in September if you want them to self-seed. Annual poppies, zinnias, sunflowers, and other flowers will drop their seeds and (almost certainly) return the following year.

Over the winter, plan to leave Echinacea, Sedum, Grasses, and Clematis alone to offer habitat and food for birds. These blooms also provide the winter garden texture and visual appeal.

As the plants fade, begin to clear them up. Daylilies, Iris, Peonies, Bee Balm, and other perennials that have become diseased or have begun to turn yellow should be cut down. You can also plan on replacing them next year.

Layer on mulch in all of your garden beds as you cut back plants and continue to weed to create a beautifully effective layer of protection for the winter months.

September Planting Tasks for Waterloo Region Gardens

Cover crops should be planted this month. If you add quick-growing cover crops to your vegetable garden soil as you finish harvesting tomatoes, beans, zucchini, and other vegetables you'll assist Mother Nature in developing nutrients and prepare the soil for next spring's planting. Not sure what to plant? Try adding Clover, Vetch, and Austrian Winter Pea as "green manures."

In September, plant perennials and spring-blooming bulbs in your yard. Perennials planted in the autumn provide more growth and bloom earlier in the season. Tulips, Daffodils, Allium, and other bulbs require an overwintering period to blossom early and strong in the spring.

Other September Tips for Waterloo Region Gardeners

Although the temperatures are likely to remain mild throughout the month, start keeping an eye out for frost warnings - most weather apps offer them - and have a tarp or sheet ready to protect your tender annuals.

Order large bloom spring-blooming bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils, and more. Refrigerate the bulbs for 6-8 weeks to “force” the wintering over period they need in order to bloom. Plant outdoors (or in a sunny spot indoors) in the early winter.

The Importance of a Great Winter Garden for Waterloo Region Homesellers

If you are planning to sell your Waterloo Region home soon you really won't be able to show off a garden in full bloom (which is something many home buyers love to see) But by keeping up with autumn and winter garden maintenance tasks you'll be able to showcase a cold season landscape that will still tease its potential and look neat, tidy and well-maintained, all of which are musts for general curb appeal at any time of year.

Getting ready to buy a Waterloo Region home, or sell the one you own? Let Team Pinto use our huge experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs here.



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