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Smart Home Gadgets and Apps That Will Save You Money and Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

For today's busy homeowners, smart home technology is not just a convenience—it's becoming a necessity. With the rapid increase in popularity, it's no surprise that the demand for "smart" home devices—appliances that connect to Wi-Fi and can be operated via smartphone or voice-activated devices—continues to soar. In North America, the smart home market is projected to grow by 9.85% from 2023 to 2028, reaching a market volume of US$62.3 billion by 2028.

These tools are revolutionizing how we interact with our homes. They offer comfort and convenience, eliminate repetitive tasks, and can significantly enhance the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of your living space.

Additionally, smart home technologies are a smart investment, as many are designed to reduce home energy usage and, consequently, your energy bills. For instance, smart power strips can save you around $200 a year, according to reports.

Moreover, integrating smart products into your home can significantly boost its appeal to future buyers. A study by Houzz revealed that about a third of younger consumers (aged 25-50) are incorporating these technologies into their home renovations. Furthermore, more than three-quarters of home buyers in this age group are willing to pay a premium for homes already equipped with smart technologies.

Whether your goal is to lower energy costs, enhance security, or potentially increase the resale value of your Waterloo Region home, smart home products are a worthwhile consideration and we are going to look at some of the best of them here. Alongside these top products, we will also introduce a curated list of apps that further streamline home management and maintenance, making your smart home journey even more seamless and efficient.

Top Smart Innovations for Your Waterloo Region Home

When You Want to Decrease Energy Consumption

These ‘smart things’ will reduce the total environmental footprint of your house, as well as its energy usage and associated costs.

When these devices are installed, many energy suppliers - and even the government, - will also offer rebates and discounts. To find out more, contact your energy supplier.

Smart Thermostats

Some smart thermostats are designed to learn the temperature patterns of your household and then create a custom, energy-saving routine (like the Nest) around it. Others use a sensor system to detect occupancy and (like the Ecobee) set suitable room-by-room temperatures. They save you money either way.

The Nest claims to save 10% to 12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs annually for homeowners, while the Ecobee says it can save up to 23% on annual costs.

Smart Showerheads

Smart showerheads eliminate expensive heat-up time and even change the flow of water depending on where you are in the shower. For instance, Evadrop says it cuts the use of water in half. That would equate to savings of around $60 each month for a family of four.

Smart Power Strips

These new-age power strips prevent electricity from being used by consumers when they’re not in active use. They will save you around $200 per annum in energy costs, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and reduce general wear and tear on the devices and appliances plugged into them to boot.

Smart Lightbulbs

Smart light bulbs are versatile LED light bulbs that can dim, change color periodically, and can be operated by a mobile device. They can be synchronized with music and entertainment often times as well. They save money, for sure, but they are also just very cool!

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart sprinklers are designed to optimize your watering schedule based on local weather conditions. They also detect leaks and monitor water flow to reduce overall costs. Most come with a mobile app that allows you to control your watering efforts on the go.

If You Want Additional Home Security

Smart home technology will also help to enhance your property’s security and safety, as well as make it simpler and more convenient to monitor those systems. Numerous surveys and reports have also shown that home buyers are often actively looking for these kinds of devices to be in place.

Some of the smart security products that are more popular include:

  1. Smart exterior lighting systems, which use motion-activated sensors to turn on floodlights and other devices when someone enters the property

  2. Video doorbells, which allow you to see who’s at your door before even answering it

  3. Smart garage doors that alert owners when opened and can be controlled with a mobile device

  4. Connected video cameras that let you monitor your property via mobile app

  5. Code and/or mobile-controlled locks.

  6. Smart smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and water leak sensors that alert you when something is amiss.

  7. Smart baby and pet monitors that can do everything from watch your kids (and furkids) silently, be operated via a smartphone from miles away and even, in the case of pet cameras, dispense treats!

Top Smart Apps for Waterloo Region Home Maintenance

Building on the momentum of integrating smart home technologies, another crucial aspect of embracing a tech-savvy lifestyle involves leveraging the power of mobile apps. These best of these apps can complement your smart devices by offering enhanced control, maintenance scheduling, and optimization of home functionalities.

As we delve deeper into the realm of smart home management, let’s explore a list of top apps that will harmonize with your smart products, elevating your home's efficiency and convenience to the next level.

Centriq: A perfect solution for managing all your home appliances and gadgets, Centriq simplifies home maintenance. By uploading a photo of an item's label, you get instant access to user manuals, part lists, and helpful how-to videos. This app is a lifesaver for troubleshooting issues and managing routine maintenance of household appliances.

HomeZada: HomeZada is an all-in-one digital organizer for your home. It's an essential tool for tracking maintenance schedules, organizing home improvement projects, and maintaining a detailed home inventory – invaluable for insurance claims. The app also helps in budgeting for home expenses, ensuring that homeowners in the Waterloo Region stay on top of their home's financial health.

iHandy Carpenter: This app is a boon for DIY enthusiasts, turning your smartphone into a virtual toolbox. It includes tools like a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, and more. It’s ideal for small home projects and quick fixes, eliminating the need for carrying a full set of tools.

Houzz: For those seeking inspiration for home renovation or interior design, Houzz offers a wealth of resources. Browse through millions of photos, connect with professionals, and even shop for products. It's a great source for ideas and finding local professionals to turn your vision into reality.

TaskRabbit: This app connects you with skilled local professionals for just about any task. From furniture assembly to home repairs, TaskRabbit is perfect for busy homeowners who need an extra hand or lack specific skills for certain tasks. It's convenient, easy to use, and offers reliable help at your fingertips.

Nextdoor: A neighborhood hub, Nextdoor keeps you connected with your local community. It's a great resource for local recommendations, community events, and even safety alerts. For new residents in the Waterloo Region, it's a valuable tool for acclimating to the neighborhood.

BrightNest: BrightNest offers a tailored approach to home maintenance and improvement. Receive customized tips, maintenance reminders, and insightful articles to enhance your living space. It’s a great guide for keeping your home healthy and well-maintained.

Magicplan: Magicplan is a fantastic tool for planning renovations or documenting home layouts. Create and share detailed floor plans and estimates with ease. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for even novice users, simplifying the planning phase of any home project.

Wally: For Waterloo Region homeowners, dealing with moisture is a common challenge. Wally helps in tracking and locating potential water leaks and mold growth risks in your home. It’s an essential tool for preventing water damage and maintaining a healthy living environment.

Embracing the world of smart home technology is just the beginning. If you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Waterloo Region, remember that choosing Team Pinto is another smart decision. We're not just real estate experts; we're your neighbors, deeply familiar with everything this vibrant community has to offer.

Let us share our knowledge and passion for local real estate to help you navigate your journey. Feel free to reach out to us, the award-winning Team Pinto, for a friendly chat or book a complimentary Zoom consultation to discuss your unique real estate needs in the Waterloo Region. We're here to make your experience as smooth and successful as possible.



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