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The 10 Emotional Stages of House Hunting – in GIFs!

Searching for the perfect home is exciting in the beginning and it’s thrilling in the end when you finally close on that dream home you’ve been searching for. The bits in between? They can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

Rather than try to put all of this into words (again) to clue new house hunters into what they might be able to expect as they begin their home buying adventure today, for a little bit of (informative) fun I thought I’d say it in pictures instead!

1. Starting the hunt for the perfect home

2. Finding out what homes are really within your budget

3. Sizing up the other house hunters at an Open House you’ve really interested in

4. Making your very first home offer

5. Making your fifth offer

6. Viewing a new listing that meets almost every item on your home buying wish list

7. Getting outbid on your dream home. Again

8. Finding out your offer was accepted after all.

9. Waiting for the closing date

10. Finally getting the keys to your new home.

Are you ready to begin your home hunting adventure in the Kitchener – Waterloo area? If so, give me a call, I’d love to join in as your guide!



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