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Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Between Moving Companies

For home buyers and home sellers moving day can be both very exciting – it does signal the end of what has probably been a lengthy real estate process – and a bit scary. A good moving company can make what promises to be a long and often trying day (or days in some cases) less stressful, but actually finding the right company to hire is not always easy.

If you Google “moving companies” or “movers” in any area you are going to have a lot of results returned for that search. And whether you are moving long distance or just to nearby another town (or maybe even just across town) finding the right movers to suit your unique needs is one of the biggest keys to a successful move. It can be a very daunting task to try to do that though when there are so many company names returned in that single search!

Here is a little information about the biggest mistakes people make when choosing between moving companies so that hopefully you can avoid making them:

Choosing a Moving Company That Does Not Visit Your Home Before Giving an Estimate

Even on a block where all the homes look the same every single home is unique, both in terms of its content and layout as well as the people who live in it!

Good moving companies understand that fact and will usually offer to send a consultant to the home you are leaving to take visual stock of everything that the move might entail and to discuss plans for moving with potential clients face to face. This lets the moving company get the best idea of just what they will be required to do and its benefits you because you will get an estimate that is usually very accurate so there are no expensive surprises when it comes time to pay the final bill!

Failing to Ask About Extra Charges

Every moving company will usually offer a wide variety of different services that are designed to meet different needs. It is very rare to find a mover that offers a “one size fits all” moving service because every single trip is different.

Before you accept and estimate and hire any of the movers you are considering working with you must ask about any extra charges that you might end up being asked to pay. For example is there an extra charge for moving on a certain day of the week or time of the day? Will extra be added on to the final bill if problems on your end cause a delay?

Going for the Lowest Estimate

The standard advice given to homeowners is that they should get at least three estimates from moving companies before making a final decision. Price should be a factor in that decision but if one estimate is much lower than the others it may be a bit of a cause for alarm.

Unfortunately there are bad moving companies out even though there are more very good ones. These companies often lure customers in with low, low prices and then fail to deliver the kind of high quality service that the homeowner though they were going to be getting. Take the time to do a little research into each moving company you are considering to find out just what their reputation is really like. You can do this by checking with the Better Business Bureau and actually asking for references!

Moving is never a completely hassle free experience but by avoiding these mistakes when choosing between the various different moving companies that are out there you can help make it as stress free and efficient as possible.



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