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Unexpected Ways to Decorate Your Home With Herbs

The summer is a great time to get outside, but our busy lives don’t allow us to do that all the time. Indoor plants can provide a taste of the outdoors though. But who says you have to stick to traditional potted plants. Why not try herbs instead?

Decorating with herbs will bring you green beauty and fresh herb harvests and stimulate all your senses — taste, smell, and sight. With unique textures and deep colors, they’ll bring excitement and beauty to your home. And if you happen to be staging your Waterloo Region home for sale they will be a wonderful addition too!

We all know that herb gardens belong in the kitchen, but it’s definitely not the only option. Here are 3 unexpected places to decorate with herbs.

1. On Your Desk

There’s nothing more mundane – and depressing – than a boring workspace, so you should deck it out with herbs! Setting an inbox of herbs atop your desk — whether you work at home or in an office — will brighten up your day and add much-needed colour. Because who says office spaces shouldn’t be trendy and beautiful?

Besides, desktop herb decor is the quickest way to get you to focus. Having plants in your workspace is proven to reduce tension and anxiety by 37%, decrease fatigue by 38%, and increase productivity by 15%. Plus, a little green is known to boost your creativity.

2. At Your Entryway

Greet your guests with herb gardens. By decorating your entryway or foyer with herb plants, you’ll set an instant smile on yours and all your friends faces. Imagine you’re your own guest – or even an eager but cautious homebuyer – is there anything better than walking into a new space and encountering an unexpected garden?

In any case, having the unique scent of lavender or the beautiful leaves of parsley in your entryway will set the tone for your entire home and that tome will be a delightful one.

3. In Your Bathroom

This might feel like an odd place to put a herb garden but trust us: it’s the most delightful of all. If you’re not cooking with your herbs, you should absolutely be making the most of their spa-like uses, including their face, hair, and skin treatments.

Greenery imparts calmness, and there’s no place in your home more appropriate for calmness than your bathroom. In fact, you’ll basically be turning your bathroom into a bonafide spa.

The best part about herb gardens in bathrooms? It’s like having your own personal garden you don’t have to share.

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