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What You Can - and Cannot - Can Ignore When Buying a Waterloo Region Home

We can honestly say that after years in real estate, we've seen it all. Toilet seats up in listing images, shag carpet strewn with dog hair, and 1970s avocado green appliances

Sellers aren't required to get their homes in tip-top shape before showing them, much less clean them before listing them. However, one seller's indifference can result in a huge windfall for the right bidder.

Here are some home shopping sights that may be off-putting when looking for a home, but they shouldn't deter you from making an offer if you like the home, layout, or location.

Wallpaper that isn't quite right and a dirty carpet

Turn-key or move-in ready homes are preferred by today's buyers. They're too preoccupied with their daily lives to devote time to a makeover, which is especially true for the always-connected, mobile-ready millennial home buyer.

Painting walls and replacing carpets, on the other hand, aren't usually time-consuming or costly, and you can complete these tasks prior to moving in.

A seller is shooting themselves in the foot if they refuse to change their shag carpet, replace dated tile work or paint the interior a neutral color.

A new coat of paint, refinished flooring, or new carpet will not break the bank or take more than a week to complete, and the end result will be a like-new home for you to move into.

Rooms that are being used in unusual ways

It's not uncommon to see a dining area converted into a fully functional office. Some people have a bedroom that also serves as a walk-in closet. Or first-floor bedroom that was previously converted into a wine tasting room.

You are not obligated to use these spaces in the same way that the homeowner does. You might find these rooms strange, but try to ignore that the seller lives there.

The dining room will be a space that only needs a great light fixture and table once they've moved out. In less than a day, the walk-in closet can be transformed back into a bedroom.

An overabundance of seller presence

When a home is filled with the seller's photos, diplomas, and other personal items, it's tough for a buyer to visualize themselves living there. The best homes for homebuyers are those that are neutral and don't have any personal stuff.

Worse yet, when the seller is present during a showing. It makes everyone feel uneasy. The purchasers are under the impression that they must be on their best behavior and are unable to explore the house, dig deep into closets or cupboards, or speak freely about what they observe.

A home that is overly personalized or where the seller is constantly present can languish on the market for a long time and develop a bad reputation. A savvy buyer will take advantage of this and acquire it for less than the asking price.

Sellers that purposefully or unintentionally undermine their house sale are leaving money on the table for the buyer. Consumers today, on the other hand, have a difficult time seeing through a seller's mistake, personalized design style, or bespoke adjustments. If you can when encountering such a Waterloo Region home, you could score yourself a great deal!

Things You Should Not Overlook

While we are encouraging you here to consider overlooking some less than appealing cosmetic aspects of a home you otherwise like, we're not suggesting that you be complacent or get yourself in over your head financially or practically by taking on a Waterloo Region home.

Things like the need for major renovations or repairs, structural faults and other issues like pest infestations cannot be ignored. You should order a full home inspection, see what it uncovers, and then make a reasonable decision from there. There's quite a difference between getting a better price because a seller did not follow the advice to properly prepare their Waterloo Region home for sale and landing yourself with a money pit home.

When it doubt, ask your real estate agent for their advice, especially as, as we mentioned at the beginning, we've usually seen pretty much anything.

Getting ready to buy a Waterloo Region home, or sell the one you own? Let Team Pinto use our huge experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs here.


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