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Why You Need to Solve Pest Problems Before Selling Your Waterloo Region Home

Spring and Summer bring us all kinds of wonderful things to look forward to, but they do have their downsides as well. One of them is that as the sun and warm weather return so, in many cases, do unpleasant and annoying house bugs and creepy crawlies whose only purpose in life, it can often seem, is to make people miserable.

Although bugs are a part of the sunny months, no one really wants them in their home. This is especially true if your Waterloo Region home is on the market for sale and people are stopping by to view the place on a regular basis.

Although it is not your fault that the bugs are there such things do make an unfavorable impression on buyers and whether it is fair or not, their only memory of your home once their day of house hunting is over may very well be ‘the house with all the bugs’.

Pests and Health

Homebuyers are often wary of a home with 'bugs' for reasons that are more than simply a dislike of creepy crawlies. Increasingly they are concerned about the effects that bugs, and bug infestations, might have on their health.

Many people have allergic reactions and are sensitive to pest feces and more. An uncontrolled pest problem can potentially exacerbate health issues and allergies, leading to additional doctor visits and health complications.

Dust mites are hard to see but have become the second leading cause of allergic reactions. Dust mites have been linked to asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. It has been found that their droppings and carcasses have a protein that triggers the reaction.

Other pests, aside from dust mites, may trigger allergic reactions or more serious health issues. Cockroaches can trigger an allergic reaction and cause food poisoning through their saliva and excrement. Mice can do more than contaminate food products. They can transmit the Hantavirus and salmonellosis.

An increasing number of people are at least vaguely aware of these facts, making a Waterloo Region home for sale that seems to have a bug problem even less of an appealing prospect (or at least a reason to ask for concessions/a price reduction)

Getting bugs and creepy crawlies to leave, or better still, preventing them from entering your home in the first place, may take some special effort though. Here are just a few tips for ridding your summer environment of as many pesky house bugs as possible.


The common housefly does not really bite or sting, but it can spread germs wherever it flies, so getting rid of them from your home is about more than just eliminating a nuisance.

In order to discourage houseflies from taking up residence in your home in the first place, keep any and all foods sealed, do not leave half-empty cups or cans of sticky sodas and/or juices around the place, and clean up food and beverage spills as soon as possible.

To combat flies who are already inside, try filling a plastic spray bottle with a simple solution of one part dish detergent to two parts water and spritzing it in their direction. This usually works just as well as a chemical spray and is of course far better for the environment.


Once a mosquito gains access to your home it will immediately begin to hunt for the standing pools of liquid it loves so much (although not as much as human blood). Avoid leaving kitchen and bathroom sinks filled with even a small amount of water and do not leave empty soda cans and bottles out in the open.

You should also check your window and door screens for even the smallest rips and tears, as these pesky critters will take advantage of any chance they get to enter your home and feast on your – or a potential homebuyer’s – flesh!


In order to prevent ants from marching their way into your indoor space, try sprinkling boric acid or borax powder at all of the entrances to your home -the doors and the windows – and along any visible ant trails you can spot. To combat an ant army that has already made its way indoors, dust a combination of borax powder and flour in the infested areas, taking care to keep kids and pets away from the mixture.


Wasps can be the most annoying of summer house bugs, and their stings can certainly be painful. Wasps are an especial nuisance, as for them, making use of their stinger is not the death sentence that it usually is for a bee, so they do tend to be more aggressive. These winged warriors love to hang around trash cans and are drawn to food and drink, so if you can remove these temptations they should stay away.


Termites can pose a significant problem for those selling their Waterloo Region home. These destructive pests consume wood and will cause structural damage to a home. Signs of termite damage include sagging floors, visible holes, and wood that, when tapped, sounds hollow.

It may also be possible to visibly see the shed wings of the insects and tan fecal pellets that look like sawdust. Beams and supportive structures can be destroyed by a termite infestation. This will reduce your home value and the structural integrity of your home.

When a homeowner ignores the issue, it will come to a head when the property is assessed and an interested party wants to buy. Extensive termite damage can greatly reduce expected home value. It is in the best interest of the seller to address termite issues in their initial stages and decrease the likelihood of extensive repairs and a more complicated, or even derailed, sale.

Looking to sell your Waterloo Region home? Or buy a new one? Let Team Pinto use their huge local real estate experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs.



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