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FSBO Failed? How to Find a Tech Savvy Real Estate Broker Who Can Get Your Home Sold in 2020

Some people, seeking to save money, have been trying out the idea of selling their own home without the aid of a real estate broker. Maybe saving that commission was very important to them, maybe they felt, during the COVID-19 pandemic, that they needed more control over who comes in and out o their home and what they do while there.

At the best of times selling a home this way – usually referred to as FSBO or for sale by owner – is very hard. Right now, when the way real estate is being bought and sold has been changed – maybe for good – by COVID -19. Maybe one of these people is you.

Except now you’re trying to pick a tech-savvy real estate agent now that your FSBO idea has fizzled. You listed your house on FSBO sites; put up open house signs; got the word out via family, friends and social media; staged the home; and took amazing real estate photos. But your house is still sitting on the market, depreciating in value with each passing day. Time to call in a professional real estate agent.

This isn’t uncommon when trying to sell your house FSBO. Home selling is a full-time job and there are many tips or tricks to the art of selling your home that are hard to learn without help from a real estate agent. And in pandemic times it’s even harder.

So now that you’ve decided to bring in a real estate broker, you want someone knowledgeable about current home selling trends. Someone who is well versed in the power of technology as a means for selling your home. There are a number of new technologies, websites and apps on the market that have changed the way prospective buyers look for homes.

So how do you make sure you’re picking a tech-savvy real estate agent when your FSBO fizzles? Keep reading to find out.

What Does Google Think?

Looking something up on Google has pretty much become the go-to for finding the answer to everything. So if you can’t even find your own real estate agent, or any other houses they are affiliated with, you can’t expect prospective buyers of your home to either.

Google your potential real estate agent and see if they come up (and how close to the top they are!). Look up other properties you know he or she is currently selling and see how they come up in search results. See what people are saying about them in Google reviews. Basically, the more visible they are – in a good way – the better.

Evaluate What’s On Their Website

A well-designed website says a lot about an agent’s professional prowess. So they didn’t come up first in your Google search? That might be ok, but if their website looks like it was designed in 2004, then keep looking.

A tech-savvy real estate agent will have a clean, image-focused website that is easy to navigate and makes it easy to contact them. Expect video tours and professional photos of the listings they are managing.

In 2020, ideally your chosen real estate broker should be more than capable of conducting video walkthroughs for buyers unable to view properties in person. This may be something you have to ask about but if they do not that’s a red flag, as an increasing number of buyers are embracing such things and actively seeking them out – at least for initial viewings.

A real estate broker who blogs is a good sign too. It means that they are truly passionate about what they do and not only have the knowledge needed to help you sell your home but are willing to share it. An educated, helpful real estate broker who wants you to feel informed, supported and in the know every step of the way is worth their weight in gold.

Check Their Social Network

Many modern real estate marketing strategies incorporate social media platforms as a way to promote homes for sale. You want your agent to be connected both to the real estate industry (and up to date on current market trends) as well as to your local community.

Is the realtor sharing information that nearby buyers would take an interest in? Do they have the know-how to generate, and respond to, leads via Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networks? Check their social presence to find out. And if they don’t have one, it’s just not a good sign.

Consider Reachability

You and your chosen real estate agent will be working closely toward the shared goal of selling your home for your ideal price. You want to be able to easily communicate with your real estate agent and know that you can expect a quick response to questions you have.

Tech-savvy agents won’t have a problem getting back to you as soon as possible as they will be able to communicate via email or text as well. In these times of social distancing rules and restrictions they should be video savvy too and offer Zoom calls or other forms of video conferencing.



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