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Home Design Trends 2017 – The Outdoor Mancave

If you are considering buying a new home you’ll likely have plenty of things on your own personal ‘wants’ list – most potential home buyers do – but one feature that is becoming increasingly popular is the desire for a ‘mancave’, or at least the space and potential to create one.

When most people think about such a space they generally see it as either being in located in an ‘out of the way’ space like the basement. However, a newer design trend that has been popping up with increasing frequency is the concept of the outdoor mancave.

The Advantages of the Outdoor Mancave 

The outdoor mancave offers several advantages. It would allow for a home without a suitable basement space but with some good outdoor square footage to be considered suitable, in some cases it allows for an existing outbuilding – even a shed – to be put to better use and by moving the typical mancave out of the house.

An outdoor man cave potentially cuts noise levels too, as just because a room is in the basement does not always mean that the rest of the house will not be disturbed by the screams and shouts when the Leafs/Blue Jays/Raptors win or lose or when a Call of Duty mission goes bad. And it also means that any ‘spare’ space in the home can be put to another use of the new homeowner’s choosing.

Now you may be wondering just what these trendy – and they are becoming very trendy – outdoor mancaves actually look like. To help you envision such a space, we’ve gathered up the following rather nice examples. And the best thing? Most of these are certainly not for the guys only, they make great outdoor living spaces in general:

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