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Top 7 Dos for Holiday Decorating a Waterloo Region Home For Sale

Selling your Waterloo Region home during the holidays might provide a number of challenges. In November and December, the cold, wet weather and falling leaves may necessitate more raking and shoveling to keep your home clean. The wet weather and dark skies, on the other hand, don't have to dampen your festive mood. In fact, the holidays are an excellent time to show off your home's warmth and character to potential buyers.

You're ready to follow these seasonal do's to create a properly festive home for sale if you've already mastered the basics of staging — meaning you've repaired little problems, pared down, freshened up, and added a splash of color. (if you still need help there, check out these tips.)

DO choose seasonal decorations that are the right size. Consider the size of the decorations you utilize. An excellent question to ask yourself is whether the piece contributes to the room's space, light, and charm. Or does its bulk detract from its better qualities? The goal is to be festive while respecting the value of your home.

Displaying a large multipiece holiday exhibit in your living room, for example, may be a family tradition, but it will not highlight the room's value or space. Consider relocating this piece to the front porch or displaying just a portion of the installation on a tabletop.

Similarly, you might have to settle for a slightly smaller version of that large fresh evergreen tree you look forward to every year. While large trees and decorations are cheerful, they can make a room appear smaller. Only choose a big tree if you have a really large space.

DO keep natural light in mind. Make sure your Holiday decorations don't prevent natural light from streaming in through windows and doorways. Though this may seem like a no-brainer, considering windows are one of the most common places to hang Christmas decorations, it may not be advice that is as simple to follow as you think.

Consider what you could see when you drive through your neighborhood over the holidays: Many people hang decorations on their windows, erect enormous, brightly lit trees in front of them, or place candles or figurines on the windowsill. We adore showing out our holiday cheer to the rest of the world.

Try to keep your holiday pride out of the way during the selling season. Decor can be placed outside your front entrance or in an unobtrusive location within. If you must place decor near a window, make sure it is far enough away so natural light can still enter. Otherwise, limiting the natural light will detract from the room's worth and make it feel cramped and smaller than it really is.

DO make sure to match the room's colors. Even if all you want to do is decorate the halls in red and green, maintaining a color-coordinated design strategy is important.

Remember, every room of your Waterloo Region home for sale should appeal to potential buyers as much as possible. So, if the colors of your room conflict with your favorite Christmas decorations, think twice about using them. Fortunately, there are a plethora of inventive methods to incorporate festive accessories without deviating from your color scheme.

Do keep movements and noises to a bare minimum. Potential buyers will be distracted by moving machinery, loud noises, and even holiday music (some people can't stand the stuff.)

So don't greet potential home buyers with a singing toy army or a dancing snowman. However, if you absolutely must have those objects on your mantel, make sure they are turned off during showings. Very colorful, flashing lights are the same. Simple white static lights provide a lovely glow and give off a neutral festive vibe, which many buyers appreciate.

Do decorate to highlight the architectural aspects of your home. Holiday decorating can be a fantastic way to draw attention to your home's most appealing architectural features. Wrap a beautiful garland around a gorgeous curved staircase, for example. Accents such as knitted stockings or a strand of lights will help to draw attention to your fireplace.

Keep in mind that any valuable structural details, such as a magnificent wood floor or crown molding, should not be hidden. When staging, especially when decorating for the holidays, keep in mind that less is more.

Do decorate (carefully) outdoors. To increase curb appeal, use tasteful exterior holiday decorations. Holiday decorations are a great way to brighten up your home's exterior and add some color to a drab winter landscape .

Wreaths, strategically lit bushes, and the occasional ribbon or bow on a mailbox can all be tasteful holiday decorations. These features will undoubtedly improve curb appeal and provide a warm welcome to potential Waterloo Region home buyers.

While a flurry of flashing lights and rooftop ornaments may be entertaining, avoid channeling your inner Clark Griswold. (Anyone up for a "National Lampoon" movie marathon?) Your goal is to sell your house, not to create a neighborhood spectacle that would distract or even turn off potential buyers.

Do celebrate the holidays and create a warm, joyful feeling. Offering your home for sale — and decorating it — over the holidays has certain benefits. If you achieve the correct mix, your home will radiate a positive energy and charm that you won't find at any other time of year.

If done correctly, your decorated home will exude a sense of warmth that will appeal to potential buyers and allow them to envision themselves living there. So go ahead and enjoy what will almost certainly be your last holiday season at that house.

Getting ready to buy a Waterloo Region home, or sell the one you own? Let Team Pinto use their huge local real estate experience and expertise to help you. Contact the award-winning Team Pinto here, or book a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique Waterloo Region real estate needs here.



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