• Aron Pinto

Tried and Tested Tips for Adding Winter Curb Appeal to Your Waterloo Region Home

If you are planning to sell your Waterloo Region home, creating great curb appeal in the winter months – something that is a must – can often be rather challenging.

The simple fact is that the majority of would-be buyers for your home will pretty much make up their mind about it within just a few minutes, and often even before they get through the front door.

Whether it is your yard, landscaping, or the exterior of your house – great curb appeal is essential. A house that looks outdated and in disrepair will create a negative impression instantly.

But while making things look great in the spring and summer months is relatively easy what can you do when all of your green grass (and green trees) have faded to brown and bare and every other day snow is blanketing almost everything? Here are a few tried and tested tricks that will help:

Clear Your Driveway of Debris

One of the most basic tasks winter outdoor home staging tasks you need to undertake is cleaning and repairing the driveway. This includes raking off any dry leaves and repairing as many noticeable cracks as you can.

Remove stray toys, junk vehicles, and lawn equipment from the driveway and sidewalks. Many Waterloo Region home sellers forget that potential home buyers want to be able to picture themselves walking into “their” home. Don’t give them an excuse to turn around and go view another home!

Create an Inviting Winter Front Lawn

A beautiful front lawn ensures happy buyers, but that can often be difficult for winter lawns. However, even though the grass may not be very green taking care of landscaping basics – trimming what is left of the grass, pruning bushes, clearing the lawn of fallen leaves and removing lingering weeds will all make a positive difference.

You can go a few steps further though. Decorating the landscaping with colored mulch or gravel can spruce up plant beds and help keep weeds at bay while also adding some much-needed colour to a drab winter landscape. And look to adding colorful potted evergreen plants or artificial shrubs that will add flair and visual interest to your front entry.

Create a Welcoming Winter Entry with Colours and Hardware

Your front porch and/ or door will set the scene for the rest of your interior home. Consider sprucing up the front door with a fresh coat of paint. Add new address numbers, outdoor lighting fixtures, and a new doormat, as these seemingly small things can all make a big difference. In addition, a new doorbell, door hardware, and even a stylish wall-mounted mailbox should look appealing and fresh when buyers come to the front door.

Spruce Up the Exterior Façade of Your Home

Architectural features of your outdoor home are another aspect not to overlook with winter curb appeal. Roofing shingles, vinyl or wood siding, and discolored brick can turn off potential buyers immediately. If possible, pressure wash these portions of your home to remove dirt and grime. Downspouts and gutters should be free from signs of wear and consider replacing pieces of gutters or downspouts if necessary.

Ensure windows and doors are in working order and seal cracks with caulking to ensure air doesn’t leak in or out your home. Remember, some areas of curb appeal also involve maintenance, not just what a buyer can see with their eyes.

Celebrate the Season, With Care

While it’s not advisable to go all out with kitschy Halloween/Hanukkah/or Christmas decor while your Waterloo Region home is on the market for sale some subtle, stylish celebrations of the season can be rather effective. If you have evergreen trees, or front yard fencing, consider adding clear coloured fairy lights to them, and a subtle winter wreath on the front door can help create a warm, winter welcome that buyers should love.


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