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What a Local Real Expert Offers and Why You Need to Work With One

The right real estate agents are instrumental in creating memorable home buying and selling experiences. We’ve written about the importance of real estate agents in the past and not just because we are in the profession, but because we know that wherever you live – but especially in a market like the Waterloo Region – the right agent can make all the difference.

What we said in the past remains true: An real estate agent brings great value to buyers by offering guidance when making the biggest financial decision of their lives. Agents play many roles in the home buying and selling experience, and one of the biggest parts they play is the role of an area expert.

What it Means to Be an Area Real Estate Expert

An area expert is an real estate agent that has advanced knowledge, insight, or experience with a specific area of home buying. But it’s a common misconception that real estate area experts are focused solely on home locations ie: where the homes are physically located.

Education: Schools are so important, so it’s hardly surprising that for many families the schools their children would have available to them are a big deciding factor when buying a home.

Demographic charts and school run websites can only tell you so much. Local experts actually know the schools, their reputations, their pros and cons and more. Some agents, like us, even have – or have had – children of their own navigating the local school system, so can offer some very personal insight into the subject.

Working with Specific Demographics

Home needs often differ based on the generational demographic buyers belong to, as well as their personal life stages. Young families, first-time buyers, baby boomers, Gen X and Millennials all often have different priorities.

An area expert understands this and can guide their clients towards the properties that suit them best both in the moment and looking to the future.

For example, young families often want to be closer to schools, parks and family recreational activities while younger singles and couples may be looking to buy in livelier areas where more opportunities for adult social activities – dining, bars etc. and Baby Boomers may be looking for a property near things that will enrich their retirement and health, like golf courses and having excellent healthcare facilities nearby.

Specializing in Working with a Specific Profession

Even what people do for a living may influence their Waterloo Region homer buying decision. helps paint a picture for your clients and their unique needs.

Medical professionals, for example, need quiet environments where their sleep won’t be disrupted if they work odd shifts. Those who work from home will need the dedicated space to do so in comfort and efficiency. And so on…

Proximity to stores, hospitals and average traffic conditions are even considerations that these area real estate experts take into account when working with these professionals.

The Local Residence Advantage

The best local real estate agents live in the area. They actually walk, drive, run, bike etc. around it all the time. They frequent local restaurants and, as previously mentioned, have (had) kids in local schools. They know lots about all the local neighbourhoods because they spend time in them, often. And all the knowledge that this creates is priceless.



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