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Why You Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Waterloo Region Home

If you're considering buying a Waterloo Region home, you might be wondering if you need a real estate agent. There are lots of resources available to home buyers these days, ranging from online search engines to how-to manuals.

An agent, however, has something that no buyer – especially a first-time buyer – does: a wealth of knowledge and advice on the home buying process. A realtor will act as your advocate and, in most situations, will score you a better deal than you could obtain on your own.

The Big Value of Local Expertise

You're probably unaware of the real current state of the market in your area. Is it typical for homes to sell for significantly more than their asking price right now? Will you have to compete with multiple offers? Do you have what it takes to outbid the competition? What should you expect to pay for a three-bedroom detached home? What's the status of the inventory?

Your local real estate agent will be able to provide you with the right information, expert advice and solid guidance on these matters and many more. Knowing the market intimately – which a local realtor does – is the best way to have an offer accepted at a price that is in your favor.

Access to Homes for Sale

Getting into a home for sale without the help of a real estate agent will be challenging. Sellers are willing to give their lockbox code to a buyer's agent in order to show their home. We're insured and bound by a lot of legal stuff to make sure that their home is safe while we're there.

They are, however, unwilling to give an unlicensed stranger complete access to their home. Even if you are the nicest person in the world, it's just too risky.

This means you'll have to view the home when the seller or the seller's agent is available, which can be time-consuming and difficult to schedule.

As a result, most people who decide to go it alone visit the bulk of their homes during open houses, which are times when the house is open to the public without an appointment. Because you won't be the first person to visit a home, you'll be up against stiff competition (a problem in a tight market).

Furthermore, the agent holding the open house is the seller's agent. Any inquiries you have regarding the house will be answered in a way that serves the seller's interests rather than yours.

You have access and privacy when you tour a home with your agent, but you also have an advocate whose fiduciary job is to watch out for your best interests.

Amazing Advocacy

Speaking of advocacy, you'll have an experienced champion and negotiator in a real estate agent. Purchasing a home is an emotional experience. It's commonly done alongside other important life events, such as starting a family or a work relocation, and it's the largest financial transaction of many people's lives. Stress and strong emotions might impair judgment, causing you to make a mistake you'll come to regret later.

As agents, we approach a deal with a more seasoned and objective perspective. We can assist you in better understanding your alternatives and act as a check against you making a hasty decision.

We also act as your champion, particularly at the negotiation table. We'll negotiate the best deal for you without allowing emotions get in the way. And in a hot market, those negotiating skills are more valuable than ever.

Powerful Networking

A slew of real estate service specialists will be immediately available to you when you work with a buyer's agent. You'll almost certainly need a lender, a home inspection, and maybe even a real estate lawyer during the course of the transaction.

Clients frequently ask us for a personal suggestion for someone in these specialties - and others - they can trust. It's easy for us to identify a solid fit as agents who have worked with a variety of real estate service professionals throughout the course of our careers. Finding the right service provider, however, might be difficult without that expertise.

Buyers frequently have queries concerning home improvement, as well. Handymen, plumbers, painters, general contractors, floorers — basically, any type of service you'd need to spruce up your new house – can all be recommended by an experienced local real estate agent.

No, Going It Alone Won't Save You Money

Having a buyer's agent is completely free. People sometimes believe that by not utilizing an agent to help them buy a home, they will save money. This is incorrect. The seller pays the entire commission on a house purchase to the listing agent, who then gives a portion of the money (typically half) to the buyer's agent. You personally don't pay us a thing.

Wizardry with Documents

Real estate agents will take care of the paperwork. Have you ever performed a comparative market analysis (CMA) or written a purchase contract? These are not simple skills to acquire. Creating and analyzing a CMA report, as well as writing a winning offer, is an art that requires a high level of knowledge.

Our expertise is especially useful when it comes to writing those winning offers, and it goes double in a hot market. Sellers may be reviewing a dozen offers that are all offering around the same in terms of price, so a great offer will need to stand out in other ways. On the flipside, you don't want to give up on anything if you don't have to, or pay more than the home is really worth.

Everything in the buying contract is negotiable, as we often tell our clients. This means that each and every sentence of the contract is crucial, and the offer, if accepted, will become the contract's content. Failure to recognize the significance of some line items could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Buyer's agents understand how to make the best possible offer to protect your interests and ensure that your offer is accepted.

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