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Why You Need Real Estate Drone Photography When Selling Your Home

Updated: May 11, 2021

Why not let an aerial view tell the whole story? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not? Real estate drone photography is becoming more popular as a way to make real estate listings stand out from the crowd. Team Pinto have been making use of it for our Waterloo Region homeseller clients for several years. Check out the video below for just one of example of how we make use of professional drone photography in our listings:

Many unseen details are left to the buyer’s imagination because most listings feature photos taken from the perspective of a person. This is a problem that drone photography solves.

You can highlight geographical views, show off your neighborhood, or showcase the scale of your home by incorporating aerial photos of your home. Keep reading to learn how drone photography can help your real estate listing stand out.

Real Estate Drone Photography Helps Homes Sell Faster.

Even though we’re in a seller’s market right now, you’ll want to market your home as aggressively as possible to get the best offers.

According to MLS data, homes with aerial photos in their real estate listings sold 68 percent faster than homes with regular photos. Keeping this in mind, and having a professional drone photographer to take aerial photos of your home can not only help you attract more buyers, but it can also help you sell your home faster.

Drone Photography Gives Your Listing New Perspectives.

Real estate listings are frequently overlooked because the online photos are too similar to other homes in the area that buyers have already seen. Including real estate drone photography in your listing allows you to capture angles or landscapes that aren’t visible from the ground.

It Will Highlight the Unique Exterior Features of Your Home.

Real estate drone photography can highlight exterior features many home buyers are looking for such as a pool, RV or boat garage, gazebo, deck, or simply acreage with lovely landscaping. Unique features, such as a large garden or the amount of space a pool takes up, can draw attention to how much land is included with the purchase of your real estate listing while also demonstrating the value each feature adds to your home.

Drone Photography for Real Estate Provides a Unique Perspective on the Neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood in which a house is located is one of the most important factors buyers consider when purchasing a home. Is the house close to a clubhouse, a park, or a playground? What is the distance between the house and its neighbours? Is the neighborhood attractive in general?

Sometimes you’re selling more than just your house; you’re selling a neighborhood. These are all things you can include in your real estate listing by including aerial photos of nearby parks or pictures of your neighbors’ houses next door.

It Appeals to New Consumer Engagement Trends.

Aerial photography, 3D virtual walkthroughs, and professional real estate photos are all becoming the new standard for real estate listings. Unique photos taken from unusual angles can draw in viewers and keep them interested in your listing.

Drone Photography for Real Estate is a Better Marketing Tool in General.

While professional real estate photography is an option, real estate drone photography has the potential to take your listing to the next level. By incorporating drone photography into your real estate listing, you can position it in a way that sets it apart from the competition, potentially close faster, and highlight what makes your home ideal for buyers – all while elevating your listing from ordinary to extraordinary.



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